Friday, July 6, 2012

Three cases in the news where wrongful rape claims put innocents at risk


Police said Pansie Saddler, 51, spurred by jealous anger, falsely accused a former boyfriend of raping her. Saddler was arrested and charged with making a false statement, falsely reporting an incident and interfering with an officer. Charges against the man she falsely accused, Antonio Hainsley, were dismissed.

Saddler had signed a sworn statement accusing Hainsley, 46, of raping her on April 24-25. Police arrested Hainsley on April 28 and charged him with four counts of first-degree sexual assault and one count each of third-degree sexual assault and disorderly conduct. Hainsley was held with bail set at $250,000.

Saddler told police that Hainsley arrived at her apartment unannounced, and after learning that Saddler was communicating with another man, Hainsley became angry and grabbed Saddler, according to the warrant. He later returned and raped her several times, police say Saddler told them. The couple had recently broken up.  Physical evidence "overwhelmingly corroborates the victim's report," according to the warrant.

Immediately after Hainsley's arrest, however, Saddler told the arresting officer "that she fabricated the sexual assault after learning Hainsley was having an affair with another woman," according to an arrest warrant affidavit supporting Saddler's arrest.  Saddler flipped her story again on April 30, telling a police detective that she felt pressured to recant the allegations. Saddler continued to cooperate with the investigation, "providing DNA samples and additional information specific to the sexual assault," the warrant says. Saddler even warned authorities that Hainsley had family in Jamaica and would likely flee the country if released, the warrant says. Hainsley had to surrender his passport as a condition of his bond. The final switchback came with a signed statement that Hainsley's attorney gave to the state prosecutor in early June. Saddler admitted in the statement that she lied about the sexual assault because she was angry and jealous, according to the warrant for her arrest.

Saddler said she and Hainsley had sexual intercourse in an attempt to "make things better" in their relationship, the warrant says. But when Hainsley left that night and did not return, Saddler suspected he had gone to another woman's home, the warrant says. She was "extremely angry with him" for having sex with her and then going to see the other woman, so she falsely accused Hainsley of rape, the warrant says.  See here:,0,7459483.story


In Florida, 16-year-old girl reported being kidnapped and raped by two men was arrested and charged with making a false report. She had told police that around 3:45 a.m. Monday she was walking on a roadway when a white car pulled up and a man in the backseat grabbed her arm, covered her mouth and pulled her inside. She alleged two men drove her to an ATM machine and then took her to an apartment where she was repeatedly raped for more than 24 hours. She claimed one man left, leaving her with the second man, who fell asleep. She said she escaped and walked to a nearby bank and used a stranger’s phone to call police.
The girl actually identified two men, but a police detective admitted they had sex with the girl but that it was consensual.  The detective discovered that the men were riding in a taxi at the time they encountered the girl. The taxi driver told the detective that the girl had not been forced into the vehicle and was having a good time with the men.

After being confronted by the detective, the girl said she didn’t remember the details surrounding the alleged incident.  She was arrested and taken to the juvenile center for processing. See here:



Sarah Jack (22), admitted that on August 27 last year, at Abernethy Road and police headquarters, she falsely told police officers she had been a victim of rape. She admitted wasting police time, depriving the public of services, and falsely accusing a man of rape. She told police she had been raped and had injuries to her legs, arms, and head after leaving a nightclub with a man. The man was detained and police launched an investigation.

However, CCTV footage demonstrated that the short period between Jack leaving the club and getting into a taxi made it impossible for her version of events to be true. Sheriff Alistair Duff said: ''This is a terribly serious crime for a whole host of reasons. Firstly, it uses up police resources and, secondly, somebody ended up being suspected of a crime they didn't commit.

''The man must have had a hard time of it. The crime you complained about does happen to women and when someone falsely claims this, it undermines situations when it does really happen.  'This kind of crime can often attract a custodial sentence, but I take into account that you have a difficult background.''  Sentence was deferred to December 18.  See here: