Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Woman confesses to false rape claim

A woman who claimed she had been abducted by a group of four men and sexually assaulted by one of them, later admitted to having made the story up.

Theresa Bradey-Smith, 50, of Dannevirke admitted to Judge Bridget Mackintosh she had been stupid and apologised for her actions when she appeared in the Dannevirke District Court.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Ollie Outtrim told the court on March 7, Bradey-Smith was at an address having a few drinks with family.

Around 8pm, she went to another address in Dannevirke where she met up with a former partner.

"She stayed at this address for approximately one hour leaving at around 9pm," he said.

"During this time, a family member was trying to contact her by phone but her phone remained unanswered.

"The family member called again at around 9pm and the defendant answered saying 'I'm being attacked' and the phone then cut off."

Mr Outtrim said the relative kept trying to ring and at 9.15, she finally got a reply from Bradey-Smith who said she was at the Mormon Church on Cole St. Bradey-Smith waited until her family member arrived and then walked home.

"Once they got home, the defendant said that she had been pushed into a car on High St by four males and was driven up to Guy St where she was raped by one of the males. Police were called and an investigation commenced."

Bradey-Smith was interviewed on May 10 regarding inconsistencies within her statement and in explanation, said she had made the abduction and rape up to cover the fact she had been with her previous partner.

Judge Mackintosh told Bradey-Smith she had done the right thing by pleading guilty. Bradey-Smith was convicted and sentenced to 80 hours of community work.