Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FIRE takes issue with punishment over 'Cox' t-shirt

FIRE reports that the director of Tufts' men's crew team suspended the entire team from racing at a championship event scheduled for this weekend, and also removed two students from the position of captain, due to a double entendre T-shirt the crew created for an annual school concert. The shirt states "check out our cox" above a picture of a silhouetted boat. "Cox" is short for "coxswain," the person who sits in the front of a boat and directs the rowers. 

FIRE has not received any information from the school to confirm what FIRE has learned, but, apparently, the shirt was reported through Tufts' "bias incident" reporting system, in which students can anonymously report actions, words, or pictures that "target a person or community."  The dean allegedly said the picture was too phallic and promoted aggression and rape.

FIRE believes Tufts' reaction is overblown. Read it here: