Thursday, April 12, 2012

Woman tells police she lied about a man stalking her

Police have dropped charges of stalking and harassment filed against a Pennsylvania man, and have instead filed charges against the woman they say falsely accused him.
According to the news report, in a bar in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, the false accuser desired to make her boyfriend jealous, so she started kissing the victim. The false accuser and the victim left the bar and started walked toward victim's house; suddenly, the false accuser ran from him. Police officers happened to see the false accuser running along the street, and she told them she was running from the victim, whom police earlier saw crossing the street behind her. Police arrested the victim and charged him with stalking and related offenses.

She later admitted he had done nothing wrong, and that she lied about the stalking.  She was charged with false reports, false incrimination and public drunkenness.