Monday, April 2, 2012

The man and woman in infamous Belvedere ad did not consent to use their images

Alicyn Packard has sued Moet Hennessy USA, for featuring her image in a mock rape ad for Belvedere Vodka.  Ms. Packard claims that neither she nor the man featured in the ad, her friend Chris Strickland, gave anyone permission to use their images.  The photo was taken in connection with a comedy sketch the two had done together.

Ms. Packard's suit is commendable. It publicizes, in an appropriate way, the fact that Ms. Packard didn't consent to be part of an ad so completely lacking in taste, morals, and good judgment.  Moreover, it sends a message to Moet Hennessy and any other company that has an urge to make light of rape that they do so at their peril.  Perhaps Mr. Strickland will file his own suit, which could be consolidated with Ms. Packard's.