Friday, April 20, 2012

Kirsty Sowden cried rape because she was trying for baby with boyfriend

A John Lewis sales assistant claimed she had been raped because she was so embarrassed about a sado-masochistic sex session, a court heard.

Kirsty Sowden, 21, met her victim online after advertising herself as a 'BDSM princess' - standing for Bondage, Domination and Sadomasochism - on a no-strings attached website.

She then voluntarily enjoyed a sex session at Andrew Boarer’s home in Maidstone, Kent, where she was spanked - and even wore a leather dog lead.

But Sowden, who was trying for a baby with her boyfriend at the time, was so guilt-wracked that she called police shortly afterwards and told them she had been raped.

Police eventually untangled the dominatrix’s web of lies and charged her with perverting the course of justice. The investigation had already cost nearly £14,000 and wasted a staggering 376 hours of police time.

Sowden, of Northfleet, Kent, pleaded guilty and was jailed for 14 months when she appeared at Maidstone Crown Court on Monday

Sentencing, Judge Philip Statman said: 'I see little sign of genuine remorse from you or, indeed, any real understanding of just how serious your actions have been.

'Rape is a dreadful crime. False allegations of rape undermine the plight of genuine victims. The impact on your victim has been considerable

'What occurred in the privacy of his home, however much certain members of the community may find that reprehensible, has been made public.

'He has had to move on in work. He has been made the subject of ridicule. The police inquiry involved many officers and many, many hours of police time at considerable expense.

'You are a highly intelligent, well-educated young woman. At the time you were in good, full-time employment. But at the end of the day there is absolutely no doubt this offence passes the custody threshold.'

Sowden met Mr Boarer online in March last year. He was going through a divorce at the time and the pair arranged to meet at his flat.

She agreed to strip off within five seconds of her arrival and the pair indulged in various sex acts, including intercourse. Mr Boarer also put her in a dog collar and lead and spanked her.

In evidence to the court, he described how Sowden had said her boyfriend would kill her if he found out. 'They were trying for a baby and she felt guilty,' he said.

Shortly after the shop assistant had left his flat, she contacted police claiming she had been raped.

She described being attacked by a stranger as she left a gym in Gravesend, Kent, dragged into a park and sexually assaulted.

Police arrested a man based on her description but soon realised he was innocent.

As a separate line of enquiry, police traced DNA samples which led them to Mr Boarer, who was arrested at his workplace in front of a large number of colleagues.

He was questioned and held in a police cell before being released on bail.

It was only later that the police discovered an online exchange between the suspect and Sowden and realised that she had been lying.

Speaking after the case, DC Richard Dorey said that hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds were put into the investigation.

He said: 'The sentence of 14 months in jail is a fair sentence. It should stop people making unfounded allegations and is a very serious sentence for someone so young.

'She was maintaining, up to the last minute, parts of the account. She didn’t seem to want to be completely truthful.'

Malcolm Gilbert, who works for rape charity Family Matters, today condemned Sowden’s actions.

He said: 'The position of the group is unanimous in condemning any woman, or indeed any man, who makes false allegations because of the harm to genuine rape victims, to undermine the whole business of rape.

'It condemns all false allegations and they feel it should be pursued by the police in the way it has here.'