Thursday, April 26, 2012

False sexual assault allegation - Focus of article not on serial accuser

While no one was specifically named in the following story, we have a case of another serial false accuser, and I think that is always worthy of greater scrutiny. Sadly, she still isn't named, after a second false allegation. She gave a detailed description and a sketch was released to the public.

While the article doesn't say, one must wonder how many men who fit the description she gave were questioned, or had to give DNA, or even may have had to undergo invasive searches.

Of course, the standard line about not wanting to deter women from coming forward (It still isn't clear how a false allegation would prevent that), and that all reports are taken seriously - as they should be. It would be nice to see a bit more concern for individuals who come under scrutiny, when a false allegation is made.

The article, after the jump.

The YWCA and Toronto police say women shouldn't be deterred by reporting allegations after police say a sexual assault allegation proved to be false.

Police say the unidentified woman made the allegation that she was sexually assaulted twice - once in September and once in November.

The woman even gave a detailed description of her alleged attacker and a sketch had been released.

But YWCA Advocacy Director Susan Blackstock says while it hurts this specific woman's credibility, more often than not women are not believed when they make real allegations of sex assault.

Toronto Police constable Wendy Drummond says they take every report seriously, and they are all investigated.  She says in this case Mischief Charges were considered, but were not laid.

She says they encourage women to come forward with allegations of sexual assault, or any other crime.