Saturday, March 10, 2012

Woman falsely accuses one night stand of rape after he forgot her name

Christine Jordan, 25, was convicted of perverting the course of justice and sentenced to two years behind bars after her rape lie caused an innocent 27-year-old man to be wrongly arrested for rape.

Jordan had consensual sex with the victim. The victim testified that he saw Jordan several days later at a pub, and when he could not remember her name, she gave him "an evil look." Within minutes, police arrived and arrested him on suspicion of rape. He was held in custody overnight.

Jordan falsely claimed that the victim had followed her home from a bus stop, and that, as she opened the front door, he forced himself inside and raped her.

It took a jury less than two hours to unanimously find Jordan guilty of perverting the course of justice.

The sentencing judge, Jonathan Howard, slammed Jordan's false claim as "a tissue of lies." He explained: "Because rape is such a repulsive crime false allegations of rape can have serious consequences. Most obviously for the innocent man who has been falsely accused. But it also has the consequence that you think genuine claims may be false. There is an enormous affect on probable convictions in genuine complaints. These are the reasons why the offence you have committed is so serious. It undermines the whole principles of justice in relation to an offence which is a repulsive crime. Your false claim in this case, made three days after the incident, was a complete tissue of lies. I have to take into account the gravity of the offence."

The victim's mother told a reporter after the hearing that "she [Jordan] deserved it, but the damage has been done.  I am glad that the judge took it seriously. This has destroyed [the victim] and my family. [His] friends said he was always so happy, they have stood by him through this. He would never do anything like this. He is a very angry person still."

Jordan's defense counsel said Jordan had been bullied at school and would be vulnerable in prison.

Jordan is pregnant with twins to another man and will now give birth behind bars.

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