Saturday, March 17, 2012

Welcome, readers

Welcome, False Rape Society readers, and everyone else.

It's a new day in the Community of the Wrongly Accused. This blog is dedicated to giving voice to persons wrongly accused of serious criminality.  We humbly hope one day to become a serious force for changing the culture of apathy when it comes to the problems of persons wrongly accused of serious criminality. The causes of their insjustices are many and cut across all ideologies. There's no time for ranting, venting, or engaging in "ideological squabbling."  There are too many serious injustices to write about.

A couple of housekeeping matters:

The original bloggers from False Rape Society will gradually transport the historical archive of actual injustices they've chronicled to this site -- meaning the news accounts of wrongful accusations will be included on this site, showing the date originally posted on False Rape Society.  FRS sometimes veered into ideological territory, and those posts will remain at FRS.

In addition, we now have four bloggers and could always use more. If you think you can contribute something worthwhile to this site, write to us at