Friday, March 23, 2012

Sexual Assault Claim Dismissed by Judge

Velvet Leclair filed a lawsuit for a sexual assault she claimed took place in the cellblocks in 2007. However, the suit has been "dismissed in its entirety" by Superior Court Justice Stanley Kershman, who said that her story was not established on "a balance of probabilities."

After reviewing the evidence, which included videotape footage, and noting that Leclair acted aggressively toward officers, it was concluded that the police had done nothing wrong.

One of the officers that was named in the suit, Detective Norm Redmond, said "I'm definitely relieved." And: "I don't believe anyone has the right to make false allegations in search of a payday, just because I wear a badge."

This is not the first time Detective Redmond has been cleared in the Leclair fiasco. After interviewing several witnesses, including one of Leclair's friends, an internal police investigation previously sided with the officer's version of events. The civilian police commission also cleared Redmond.

Leclair was arrested in 2007. After a night out at Bluesfest and then going to several bars, the car she was traveling in was pulled over. While officers were dealing with the driver, Leclair exited the vehicle and body checked one of the officers.