Monday, March 19, 2012

Officer Alfonsina Delacruz's bogus rape and kidnapping report

In 2005, probation officer Alfonsina Delacruz told police that her ex-boyfriend had abducted, raped, and assaulted her.  But technology was her undoing. Investigators discovered cell phone records showing that during the time she was supposedly abducted, she repeatedly called the ex-boyfriend.

Officials did file charges against the ex-boyfriend because they do believe he assaulted her.

In addition, it was initially recommended that she be fired for the false rape charge.  The NYPD Chief of Personnel, Rafael Piniero, said at the time: “She clearly lacks the maturity, discipline and integrity necessary to remain a New York City Police Officer’’

Only a month later, that recommendation was reversed. Nevertheless, she pled guilty to the departmental charges she was brought up on, and she was permitted to keep her job.