Friday, March 16, 2012

Marines Share Views on 'War on Sexual Assault'

Active Duty Marines offer a different opinion on sexual assault in the military to Business Insider writer Eloise Lee.  In the article, the Marines explain how they are afraid of female Marines pulling the "rape card," that mandatory sexual assault briefings teach service members that if alcohol is involved, consensual sex is impossible, and how they feel accused men and women are subject to a "guilty until proven innocent" prejudice in the Marine Corps.

Just wait until the Marine Corps follows the Army's lead.  Back in 2009, the United States Army institute their plan to combat sexual assault in the military by creating 15 Special Victim Prosecutor ("SVP") positions, which has since been increased to 33 SVP's.  The SVP's are senior Captain and Major Army Judge Advocates whose sole mission is to prosecute sexual offenses.  They also hired 5 highly qualified experts to observe and advise the SVP's during a court-martial.  Meanwhile, Trial Defense Service has appointed zero defense counsel who are equivalent to SVP's to defend Soldiers.

One would believe that such a move would increase conviction rates by decreasing the number of questionable cases.  Read how an attorney at The Judge Advocate General's office spun the low conviction rate of courts-martial two years after implementing the program:

"I don't think it's an accurate way to measure the success of our program," said Janet Mansfield, an attorney with the Army's Office of the Judge Advocate General.  Asked how the Army was determining whether it's working, she responded that it was "hard to define." 

"We want to see that due process exists," she said. "We want to see that victims are happy with the experience of the court-martial, if not the outcome."

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Notice how Ms. Mansfield connects the Constitutional right to due process to the alleged victims, and not the Servicemember accused.