Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comment to readers

In a few days, FRS will be getting a new name that is consonant with our mission, at a new address. We are also be adding new bloggers, and are shedding any hint of ideology. Although in the past we have tolerated some angry venting in comments from some readers, we are now adopting a zero-tolerance policy.  We need to zealously disassociate ourselves from any hint of misogyny or hatred of women. If you think a woman has wronged you and are here for "proof" that women are in some sense evil, you've come to the wrong blog.  Except for some truly disturbed individuals, awowed feminists do not support wrongful accusations and charges against innocent persons.

FRS decided last night that it will have an attorney examine what ought to be done, if anything, to remedy the SPLC's misapprehensions about this blog, which have been well-publicized here and elsewhere the past several days. At the very least, we need to make clear we can't tolerate our name being besmirched in this manner, by anyone, and we'll be examining our options. We will not be discussing this publicly.

For our part, we need to insure that we don't give our detractors even a little ammunition to smear us. That our message has become even a little controversial is my fault. It's very rarely what we say, but how we say it. We need to carefully watch both. We owe it to the wrongly accused, especially the young men who’ve told us they were falsely accused, and that our blog was instrumental in their decisions not to take their own lives.

We are very serious about our mission, and we realize that our mission is not popular. We have a responsibility to deal with these issues in a careful, serious manner, and will be watching more carefully that we do just that.

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