Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Durham District Attorney Who Disregarded the Rights of the Presumptively Innocent is Ousted

Durham, North Carolina -- again.

In 2006, three innocent Duke lacrosse players were wrongly charged with rape by Durham's now-disbarred district attorney Mike Nifong.

Now, a successor to Mr. Nifong has been ousted.  Superior Court Judge Robert H. Hobgood today ordered that Durham District Attorney Tracey E. Cline, 48, be permanently removed because her blatantly false public statements criticizing Durham Senior Resident Judge Orlando F. Hudson Jr. undermined public confidence in the judicial system.  Judge Hobgood terminated Cline's state salary, effective immediately.

Cline's vendetta against Judge Hudson started when Judge Hudson determined the Durham DA's office had withheld or destroyed evidence that could have helped defendants accused of child rape and murder. Thereafter, Cline launched an acrimonious effort last year to remove Hudson from overseeing criminal cases involving her office.

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