Saturday, March 10, 2012

An organization branded FRS a 'hate site' -- and here is its 'proof'

An organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center thinks this site is misogynistic. The only specific post of ours it cites to "evidence" this epiphany is this one.

By no rational measure could that post be considered inappropriate in any manner, much less "hate" speech.  I hadn't looked at that post for a while, but I am laughing out loud now -- because someone who obviously didn't read it assumed it had to be hate speech. Why? Let us be brutally honest: that conclusion had nothing to do with that particular post. They've branded us haters because we have the audacity to give voice to persons wrongly accused of heinous sex crimes, and it doesn't fit their preferred narrative when we reveal that some accusers lie about rape. They can't attack our posts regarding the injustices to the wrongly accused because they'd look like monsters, so they latch on to anything they can find in order to brand us as haters, even if the thing they cite doesn't remotely support their conclusion.  The SPLC's citation to that post only underscores the inappropriateness of including this blog on their list and raises serious questions about its honesty.

One of the SPLC writers treated Amanda Marcotte -- who has written some truly hateful things -- as a victim. See here.  Compare Ms. Marcotte's statements in the link to our post that the SPLC found so objectionable, linked above, and then tell me, who foments hatred?  The question scarcely survives its statement.

Anyone who bothers to read the post the SPLC cited knows that the gist of it was to gently chide the mainstream media (the SPLC says we "attacked" a woman, which is flat-out absurd, to put it charitably) for quoting, without comment, persons who claim women are better than men ("it takes a woman to get things done!").  That, of course, is as silly as saying "it takes a man to get things done."  Our take is akin to liberal icon Bill Maher's observation that statements touting women's superiority often elicit applause, a peculiar and fascinating phenomenon I had never noticed until I heard Mr. Maher say it.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, self-anointed arbiters of evil, I am certain, will smugly dismiss our point here. But it should know that our blog has received emails from several young men who’ve told us they were falsely accused, and that our blog was instrumental in their decisions not to take their own lives.

It should also know that some extremist feminist bloggers seem eager, for reasons known only to them, to shut us down. See, e.g., here.  I pray that if those extremists succeed in silencing us that the SPLC has resources in place to support persons wrongly accused of heinous sex crimes, because without our Web site, some innocent young men might make irreversibly tragic decisions.They have very, very few venues that even acknowledge their ordeal, much less support them.  Hopefully they won't stumble onto one of those extremist sites that would happily treat them as rapists.

The libel by Southern Poverty Law Center is twisted beyond words, and I'm not sure what we're going to do about it yet.