Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Woman bonds out after arrest for making false rape report

Katherine Campbell, 24, of Magnolia, was arrested Thursday and charged with felony filing a false report to law enforcement agencies.

The arrest is in connection with a March 23, 2011 incident where Campbell reported that she had been raped.

Magnolia police began an extensive investigation into the report, which included DNA testing.

The investigation and test results began to yield information that Campbell had made multiple false statements to officers.

After this was discovered, a warrant was issued.

She is charged with a felony because the crime reported, rape, is a class Y felony, and because of the cost of time and expenses put into the case by law enforcement and state agencies.

Campbell's bond was originally set at $10,000 but was reduced to $2,500 at her first appearance. She has been released on bond.