Thursday, February 9, 2012

The despicable Audrey Ference: "Why I Will Always Side With Rape Accusers Before Knowing the 'Facts'"

She was "pretty sure" Greg Kelly was guilty.

She's not sorry about calling Dominique Strauss-Kahn a "rapist."

"And," she exclaims in one of the worst examples of misandry we've ever seen, "the next time someone comes forward saying he or she was raped by another someone, whether that person is a powerful government official or a friend, I will always, ALWAYS believe the accuser. I will always support him or her even before I know all of the 'facts' of the situation, or, more likely, have heard the two sides, and probably after."

Audrey Ference is a despicable nitwit.

She tells the story of a male "friend" who was badly harmed by a false rape claim.  "I really do understand the harm a false rape accusation can do to a person," she writes. "It can ruin someone's life." But then she exclaims, with no support beyond her wildly uninformed, politicized imagination: "But it still does not compare to the damage that rape can do."

Really? I mean really?!  See, e.g., here: And if you want to see less extreme examples of the carnage false rape claims can cause to a man's health, job, business, marriage, education, social relationships -- just spend a few weeks paging through this blog. That's how long it will take you to go back three or four years. No crime, short of murder, is capable of doing more harm to an innocent person than a false rape claim.

Audrey Ference goes on: "And unfortunately, rape is more common by a factor of hundreds"

Excuse me while I bang my head up against the wall. 

Audrey Ference obviously knows more than a leading feminist legal scholar, who has acknowledged the following irrefutable fact: ". . . the statistics on false rape accusation widely vary and 'as a scientific matter, the frequency of false rape complaints to police or other legal authorities remains unknown.'" A. Gruber, Rape, Feminism, and the War on Crime, 84 Wash. L. Rev. 581, 595-600 (November 2009). 

Audrey Ference proceeds to claim that the New York Post's treatment of the accuser in the Greg Kelly case is the norm.

In fact, the Post's coverage is so terribly aberrational, it's actually news, in and of itself, today. And because it's news, I fully expected this sort of backlash from someone like Audrey Ference.

No, Audrey Ference, THIS is the norm.

How about this, you incarnate disgrace to womanhood: instead of siding with accusers, side with the truth.

Oh, I forgot. To people like Audrey Ference, the truth isn't good enough. It's trumped by the "women-are-always-victims" metanarrative.