Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parent of a young man accused of rape comments on guilt by reason of accusation: 'This is the most horrendous nightmare a parent could ever experience'

The writer's identity must remain anonymous.

"As the parent of a child accused of rape last year, it is hard to begin to explain the grief, torment, and agony of seeing him being plastered all over the news, Google, and numerous other sites. People have no idea how families are affected by this. Anoymous emails sent to family members and on and on. Humiliation unimaginable knowing that friends and aquaintances can find out in less than a second by just trolling the internet. At times the pain has been so unbearable I felt I could not go on. Only by the grace of God and my children am I still on this earth.

"I do not know if he is innocent or guilty but he has already been deemed guilty by the public. Reading the comments by readers is unbearable. I would like to scream the injustice, but I know this would only fuel the frenzy of this mob-like mentality. He was just let go from a job, even though he was the best there, because it didn't look "good" for the company. No really, "tuff crap dude you are on your own." He now has no money, so where does that leave him in his ability to eat, pay his rent, attorney, etc?

"This is the most horrendous nightmare a parent could ever experience. Perhaps knowing that there is not a damn thing I can do is the worst feeling of all. His claims of innocence haunt me day and night. It is just too much to comprehend and I hope that one day our justice system will realize the extreme suffering endured by the family of the accused. Someone has to stop this madness. Guilty until proven innocent is never what our forefathers intended."