Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Man made false claim of rape, police say

A thought occurred to me as I read the following story. In almost every news report we run here, an advocate from what we call the "Sexual Grievance Industry" is quoted in the article about how a false accusation keeps real victims of rape from coming forward.

I don't recall a single one of those people being interviewed/quoted, when a man makes a false accusation.

Those studies that deal with men being raped show that most men who are raped don't come forward. Given that, you would think that in these cases, sexual assault "experts" would be speaking up about the same thing.  There seems to be far less concern about underreporting when it's a male lying about being raped.

Or is it that the reporters don't bother to make the effort to contact anyone in the rape support arena for these kinds of cases?

Something to think about.

A Utica man was charged with making a false written statement recently after he told police he’d been raped by another man, city police said.

Robert Brower, 42, went to the Utica police station on Feb. 17 to report he had been raped and sodomized. But a subsequent investigation found the incident did not occur, police said.

Making a false statement is a misdemeanor.