Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Katherine Redmond assumes a culture of violence at BU based only on two charges

A follow-up to our story yesterday about Max Nicastro.  Mr. Nicastro was charged with rape, and he has pled not guilty. Mr. Nicastro has left Boston University amid the charges. 

According to the Boston Herald: "Nicastro’s arrest follows the December bust of then leading Terrier scorer Corey Trivino, who was charged with bursting into a resident assistant’s room and groping her. [Katherine Redmond, founder of the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes] said the NCAA needs to provide schools like BU resources to help prevent future sex crimes by athletes: 'My concern is how they address that culture so that it doesn’t happen again.'”  See here.

What is the "it," Ms. Redmond? 

What is the "it"? 

Of course we know what the "it" is, Ms. Redmond.

It's another sex "crime" -- like the two you assume were committed at BU -- based on allegations of female students.

What is your evidence either were actual crimes, Ms. Redmond?