Monday, February 27, 2012

FRS cited in American Thinker: "So Now It's the Lacrosse Murder"

R. B. Parrish's piece in The American Thinker is a stinging indictment of a media that doesn't worry about destroying the innocent when it wants to hype a story. (And Mr. Parrish links to our piece on Hofstra.)

Excerpt:  "When the Duke players were first accused (falsely), the media had a field day telling us how the wealthy white prep-school graduates had wantonly abused and then raped a poor working woman of color. There was no in-between to this fable, no degree of uncertainty, not even the slightest space between pure good and pure evil in the accounting of spoiled males sunk in depravity and their innocent (and very politically correct) victim.

"It was only grudgingly that the media finally admitted that they might have a few facts wrong; but by then the impressions had sunk in. That the father of one of the accused had been raised by a black family; that the father of another grew up poor but after he made his fortune used a chunk of it for black education and for building medical clinics in Africa, somehow never made it into print. That would have disrupted the pure morality tale. And it didn't matter anyway; as Evan Thomas of Newsweek explained his magazine's hyping of the story: 'The facts were wrong, but the narrative was right.'"  Read it all here.