Thursday, February 23, 2012

Erin Gloria Ryan's 'humorous' piece mocking the killing of politicans' offspring -- so long as the politician is Republican and the offspring are male

A particularly dark and twisted corner of the Internet's progressive wasteland is occupied by a dismal feminist circle jerk known as Jezebel.

Jezebel is not a Web site. To paraphrase the lamentably late Michael Musmanno, it is a slimy gathering of all that is rotten in the debris of human depravityAnd in the center of this waste and stench, splashes, leaps, cavorts, and wallows a literally man-hating specimen that responds to the name Erin Gloria Ryan.

Ryan is the same woman who made the astounding assertion, with no authority beyond her angry, uninformed ipse dixit, that sexual abuse is not taken as seriously when it's victims are female.

Ryan is the same woman who put her name to a singularly childish and hysterical rebuke of Peter Berkowitz's carefully crafted explanation about the dangers to presumptively innocent men presented by the Department of Education's April 4 "Dear Colleague" directive. Read about it here.

In short, Ryan is the most dim-witted of radical feminism's screeching lights, and that's saying a lot.

Her latest gift to the world is a typically profane and hateful piece that she calls "Fuck, Marry, Kill: The Romney Sons." See here. It's opening line: "As the 2012 political season heats up, it's important that we don't lose sight of what's really important in the election cycle: the fuckability levels of candidates' sons."

You see, this is what passes for humor among the urban sophisticates who mock the "guns and religion" crowd behind their backs.

Ryan's piece proves it is politically correct to (1) sexually objectify young men, in a mocking, high school-girlish way; and (2) joke about killing the offspring of a presidential candidate, so long as the offspring are male, and so long as the presidential candidate is Republican. (Robert and Tad Lincoln: watch your backs.)

Of Josh Romney, Ryan gushes: "Have you seen pictures of this guy with facial hair? He wears scruff unbelievably well. Fuckably well. This one's saved from the theoretical guillotine by his handsomeness."

Of Craig Romney, Ryan writes: "At 30, he's the youngest, so may be the most sexually vibrant of the Romney sons." (Note that if a "men's rights advocate" mentions the word "cougar," he's villified across the femisphere, but feminists who write with distinct cougar sensibilities are given a pass.) 

Ultimately, though, Ryan votes to KILL Craig: "From some angles, he looks like . . . a delicate man with soft hands that may not know what to do with an axe or a boob." (Do I sense a gay slur there?) 

And, of course -- you knew this was coming -- Ryan simply can't pass up the opportunity to mock Craig's religion: "Sorry, Craig. On the bright side, with death comes the Celestial Kingdom, no?"  Ah those darn enlightened progressives! So open-minded -- about people who are exactly like them (and, of course, Muslims, too).

Ryan sprinkles her case to MARRY Ben Romney with a little misandry: "He's also the least square-jawed of the Romnettes, and thus may lack the manly hormones that evolutionary psychologists say cause men to cheat." Alas, ultimately, Ryan votes to KILL Ben, too.

The piece is awash with the sort of smug progressivism that takes for granted, for example, the belief that anyone who would even consider voting for Mitt Romney is stupid, backward, and likely evil (and I mean "evil" in a secular, green sort of way). Example: discussing Josh Romney, Ryan writes: "The case for fuck: He's very Ken doll-like, but lives in Salt Lake City. Clearly you're not moving there, so this is just going to have to be a one-time thing."

Salt Lake City! Ew! I mean, it's conservative, and people actually attend church services there!  They probably don't even have Amtrak.

Have you seen enough? Seriously?

When will Jezebel realize that Erin Gloria Ryan not only is an embarrassment to its shoddy site, but that she's a powerful public service announcement for the opposite of whatever position she is screeching about?