Monday, February 13, 2012

Donate Now, Please

We write to ask our readers to do something we've never asked our readers to do.

One of this blog's principal writers is now also affiliated with A Voice for Men. Without being asked by the owner of AVFM, we insisted that we be permitted to solicit our readers for donations for AVFM here at False Rape Society. (Not only weren't we asked to solicit for donations, our readers should know that we had to continally badger the owner of AVFM, Paul Elam, to give us the "donate" button, he was that sheepish about it. He told us he was just happy to have us contribute to AVFM.) The donate button now appears on the right side of this page -- AVFM Donations -- and we are, at this time, asking you to be as generous as your means allow.

Please know that False Rape Society doesn't stand to earn one penny from this, but we are asking you to send a message that what we talk about here is vitally important to a lot of men. It is our intention in the months ahead to work with AVFM to spread the messages we think are important.

So please -- please -- donate right now if you think it's important to give voice to the wrongly accused on an even more powerful platform; if you care about runaway political correctness on campus where nagging for sex is now a punishable offense and where young men can be expelled even if a disciplinary panel is 49.9999 percent certain that he didn't commit the offense; if you care that some politicized prosecutors are more interested in empowering women than in doing justice; and if you want to help hold a voracious mainstream news media accountable for rushing to judgment and destroying the reputations of innocent men and boys in cases under investigation.

False Rape Society will continue the work we've been doing for years -- you will be seeing new names blogging here shortly, and now, we will also be spreading the message at AVFM.

AVFM is not a monolith, and all of its writers don't subscribe to a monolithic philosophy. And we are certain its writers don't agree with everything we do here. For example, when AVFM calls for jury nullification in rape cases, that may seem extreme to many of us, perhaps too broad-brush, too in-your-face. It can't be denied that it's powerful statement about a system that is broken for innocent men and boys. No one favors giving rapists a free pass, but a system that chews up innocent men and boys with glee needs to be repaired, and, at present, the people dominate the public discourse about rape don't give a damn about innocent men and boys.

For our sake, please make a donation to AVFM.

False Rape Society thanks you.