Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don't look now, but the guru of Duke lacrosse has a new crusade--on behalf of another non-PC college student unfairly maligned

I know a lot of men's rights supporters read this blog.

Do you all know who KC Johnson is? 

I mean, seriously, if you don't know who KC Johnson is, there's a problem.

Prof. Johnson is the guru of the Duke lacrosse case. He was so important in helping to raise awareness about that assault on justice that when the accused lacrosse players were declared "innocent" by the state's attorney general, one of them -- Reade Seligmann (he's the kid with the penis so long, he could actually rape Crystal Mangum when he was miles away!) -- publicly thanked him.

Now that's an important blogger.

Now, Prof. Johnson has written extensively about the Patrick Witt travesty, and the progressive news media's smear job on him. It all started with the New York Times. You remember the New York Times, don't you? That paper wouldn't even publish the name of the Duke false rape accuser, even after the guys were declared innocent, but it finds the space to unjustly malign a young man based on a wisp of an accusation.

Go to Prof. Johnson's blog and check out the links to stuff he's written on Mr. Witt: