Thursday, February 9, 2012

Comment from a reader: an all-too-typical tale

The following is from one of our readers. The tale is all-too typical, but no less disgusting because of it. The writer's son was 21-years-old at the time of the alleged incident last year, and the newspaper article about the accusation named the young man and called his accuser "the victim" before a scrap of evidence was admitted at trial.  FRS is not printing the reader's name, or his son's, out of respect for their privacy.

Shortly after my son broke it off with his ex-girlfriend, she made extreme false accusations about him. Twelve hours later with zero evidence and a shady story, he was arrested, jailed, and faced a $50,000 cash-only bail.

The very next day his apartment complex served him with a no trespassing order, without following state law procedures for doing so, and the court was quick to grant it.

For three months, she got to live in the apartment furnished with all of his belongings (she had nothing), while he had to continue to both pay his half of the rent and prove his innocence from the false charges she lodged.

Our lawyer got the trespassing order rescinded fairly quickly, but for nought -- she was granted an order of protection which locked him away.

After petitioning to the court and hiring a peace officer for a few hundred bucks, we were given three hours to move out all of his belongings. (The locks had been changed and he never received a key after they served the no trespassing order . . . all the while still paying his portion of rent.)

Later, she skipped out on the rent, and he is now being sued for HER half of it.

His army career is practically ruined as the order of protection prevents him from possessing weapons even as a member of the armed forces, and even while on active duty. Moreover, the bail conditions prevented him from leaving our state, so he had to miss critical training requirements.  He is one more court date away from losing his civilian job, which will probably happen because of the apartment issue.
The good news . . . the case was nol processed [dropped], but not before losing his reputation, most of his friends, $20,000 in legal fee's and so on.