Monday, January 23, 2012

Woman accused of fake rape claim

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday that a woman made up a story about being raped.

Autum Michelle Hobbs, 21, of the 4100 block of Jody Circle, was charged with filing a false report with law enforcement officers.

She was arrested Monday.

Investigators said Hobbs claimed that she was kidnapped by three men Dec. 30 as she walked along Cumberland Road. Hobbs said she was held against her will, bound, threatened, beaten, and raped by the men.

Hobbs told detectives she was held for five to six hours and later dropped off at a different location and had to walk home.

But detectives said they found that at the time of the alleged rape, that Hobbs had actually been at a local bar with a female friend. While they were there, a fight broke out and both were forced to leave the premises.

Hobbs was booked into the Cumberland County Detention Center and later released on bond.