Monday, December 5, 2011

Reports that 20% of young people participate in sexting are wildly exaggerated

According to this: "Only 1 percent of kids aged 10 to 17 have shared images of themselves or others that involve explicit nudity . . . ."  Not 20%, as some studies have found. The 20%, as shown by the article, was overblown.

That's a hell of a discrepancy -- 1% versus 20% -- wouldn't you say? Yet, you can be certain that the 20% figure will continue to be quoted as if it it were true. Why?  You see, if the figure is just 1%, there's no serious problem that needs to be solved, no government funding, and no jobs created.

The sexual grievance industry is like The Music Man where only Professor Harold Hill can get River City out of the terrible, terrible trouble it is in -- terrible trouble that Professor Harold Hill manufactured out of whole cloth.  This is one area where you need to follow the money to understand what's really going on.