Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ben Fenton says there are five of us in real life, and we salivate for the day when rape is legal

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 This blog is constantly subjected to attacks by its many detractors; it was for this reason that we were forced to implement comment moderation this past year. I have had rape wished upon me more than once. Above is a screen capture of a comment we received today, more than once, denigrating the falsely accused by an inanity who goes by the name Ben Fenton.

The Community of the Wrongly Accused is opposed by extremists whose PC metanarrative, in a nutshell, finds an unmistakable correlation between evil and gender. They typically attack us with a conclusory, smug attribution of misogyny (e.g., they brand us "rape apologists") because we have the audacity to give voice to persons wrongly accused of rape and to the presumptively innocent for whom a rape accusation often is its own conviction in the court of public opinion.

Since our opponents are incapable of proffering a rational basis for their opposition, they often incant soundbytes premised on untruths, but mostly they resort to puerile, sometimes profane, insults,which merely underscore the absence of any reasoned basis for their disagreement.

Thanks, Ben Fenton, for helping us make our case.