Thursday, December 15, 2011

Assholez who despise the falsely accused

A zany, twisted, smug, extremist feminist blogger, who hates and despises with every fiber of his being anyone who doesn't share his zany, twisted, extremist view of the world, is at it again:

I have no idea what is the point of David Futrelle's mish-mash of a post, except to mock the wrongly accused, of course, but I thought our readers should know about it.

Futrelle attacks a post we wrote about the "rape survey." We said we think that survey is indefensible. Ah, but that wasn't good enough for good old Dave. You see, good old Dave had a conniption, a bona fide feminist hissy fit, because we dared to suggest that it is not fair to consider this lone piece of evidence--this "rape survey"--which, apparently, was the work not of a dreaded, misogynistic fraternity, but rather of a lone, unidentified frat brother--as some sort of "evidence" that we live in a "rape culture."

Here's Davey's riposte -- you may need to read it several times to capture the full flavor of his brilliance: "Yeah, I wonder why casual jokes about rape would possibly be considered as part of 'rape culture.'”

And when Moe konks Curly on the head with an over-sized mallet, it's evidence that we live in a "murder culture."

To chronically offended extremists who insist ours is a "rape culture," rape is "in the air"--it's like "The Force" in Star Wars, "it surrounds us and penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together." Has any other imaginary concept ever been invoked as often to mean so much and, really, nothing at all?

You see, Mr. Futrelle, casual jokes about rape are not at issue.  One stupid "survey" by, apparently, one unidentified frat brother, is. And allow me to connect the dots since you seem incapable of doing so: no sane and rational person would consider this isolated instance of bad taste indicative of anything, much less that ours is a "rape culture," despite all your twisting and pounding. You hurt your cause when you overplay it.

In fact, the almost universal reaction condemning this "survey"--including the comments of this blog (which, by the way, is dedicated to giving voice to the wrongly accused, not feminist causes)--is overwhelming evidence that ours is far less a "rape culture" than a culture that has no tolerance for rape. Yes, there are too many rapists--one rape is too many--and yes, once in while, some idiot thinks something like this is funny when it isn't, the way some idiots think all manner of things in bad taste are funny. That scarcely is indicative of a "culture," and this "survey" won't incite a single young man to rape.

So why on earth does this David Futrelle think he needs to pick a fight with this blog? Next thing you know, he'll be conspiring to put us on a hate list or something!

But, wait, folks, David Futrelle isn't finished yet--make sure you are sitting down for this one: David Futrelle proceeds to criticize me for not advocating against--wait for it: prison rape. Yes, dear readers, he does. Prison rape.

Because, as everyone knows, David Futrelle is such a crusader for the rights of abused male prisoners. Um, yeah. Right.

Perhaps David Futrelle hasn't noticed--prison rape isn't the focus of this blog. We don't write about tuberculous, either--that doesn't mean we're in favor of it.

If you are scratching your head over this whole thing, trust me--so is everyone else who isn't a radical feminist ideologue.

But wait, David Futrelle isn't finished yet. Make sure you don't read the following on an empty stomach, because this is where David Futrelle tells us everything we need to know about him. David Futrelle suggests, in the most smug, condescending manner, that this blog tries to help rapists beat the rap.

You read that right, but don't trust me, read it and decide for yourself.

What, precisely, is David Futrelle's evidence for this detestable epiphany? Well, it seems that our site links to information about statutes of limitations for rape charges.

If you are wincing and scratching your head asking, "Is that it?" the answer is, yep, that's it.

In David Futrelle's words, we link to the statutes of limitations "in case anyone reading is worried about getting caught [then he crosses off "getting caught"] being falsely accused for something they did [he crosses off "did"] didn’t do a long time ago."

This, apparently, is what passes for humor in David Futrelle's circle. But David Futrelle's callousness is telling, and purposefully hurtful.

Many of the readers of this blog have been wrongly accused--because, guess what? They have few other resources to help them. This blog has received notes from young men telling us that we are responsible for their decisions not to take their own lives. I know--that's scary, and it's a terrible burden to put upon one stupid, unfunded little blog that often misfires. But these young men are so relieved they are not going through their ordeals alone, they take comfort in this silly little blog. And for that I am glad. Yet, David Futrelle thinks we are fair game to ridicule, apparently because we think the wrongly accused are worthy of defense and he thinks our defense detracts from his and others' advocacy for rape victims.

How terribly sad and misguided that someone thinks it is somehow appropriate to advocate for one group by mocking another.

Sigh. As rational people know, we link to the statutes of limitations because of the problems posed to innocent men by the national trend to lengthen and eliminate them. Now, you'd never know this from reading David Futrelle's hate-mongering, but that position is not some goofy, misogynistic, far right, extremist men's rights stance. It's a concern shared by the ACLU and the criminal defense bar and many others. We write about it from time to time, and if you want to understand it, see, e.g., this post:

Why am I not surprised that people who presumably think they are liberals have sided with the witch-hunters when it comes to the statute of limitations?

FEBRUARY 28, 2014: RAINN said to ditch the "rape culture" silliness. RAINN explained: "Rape is caused not by cultural factors but by the conscious decisions, of a small percentage of the community, to commit a violent crime." RAINN decried the "inclination to focus on particular . . . traits that are common in many millions of law-abiding Americans (e.g., 'masculinity'), rather than on the subpopulation at fault: those who choose to commit rape."

That's RAINN--not False Rape Society. Nuff said.