Thursday, December 15, 2011

Assholez who despise the falsely accused

That zany, twisted, smug, extremist David Futrelle, who hates with every fiber of his being anyone who doesn't share his zany, twisted, extremist view of the world, is at it again: I have no idea what is the point of Futrelle's mish-mash of a post, except to mock false rape victims, of course, but I thought our readers would enjoy it.

Futrelle's peculiar idea of advocacy is to "expose" blogs, like this one, that have bigger audiences than the dismal little circle jerk he presides over. Today, Futrelle attacks a post we wrote about the "rape survey." We said we think that survey is indefensible, but that wasn't good enough for good old Dave. You see, good old Dave had a conniption, a bona fide hissy fit, because we dared to suggest that it is not fair to consider this "rape survey" -- which, apparently, was the work not of a dreaded, misogynistic fraternity, but rather of a lone frat brother -- as some sort of evidence that we live in a "rape culture."  In our post, we bemoaned the fact that the rape survey "will be cited as proof positive to support the myth that ours is a 'rape culture.'"

Here's Davey's riposte -- you may need to read it several times to capture the full flavor of his brilliance: "Yeah, I wonder why casual jokes about rape would possibly be considered as part of “rape culture.”

Yeah. Um . . . say what?  A little friendly advice, Futrelle: stick to quoting other people, because when you try to make sense on your own, everything starts to unravel.

You see, casual jokes about rape are not at issue, Davey.  One stupid survey by, apparently, one frat brother, is. And allow me to connect the dots since you seem incapable of doing it: no sane and rational person would consider this any sort of evidence that ours is a "rape culture," despite all your twisting and pounding.  On the contrary, the almost hysterical overreaction to the survey in some quarters (that is, compared to the public reactions to many other terrible wrongs that are barely discussed--including virtually every wrong discussed on this blog) is overwhelming evidence that ours is less a "rape culture" than a culture that has no tolerance for rape.

But, wait, Futrelle isn't finished yet--make sure you are sitting down for this one:  he proceeds to criticize me for not advocating properly against--wait for it: prison rape. Yes, dear readers, he does. Prison rape. Because, as everyone knows, he is such a crusader for the rights of abused male prisoners. Um, yeah. Right.

If you are scratching your head over that one, make sure you don't read the following on an empty stomach, because this is where extremist David Futrelle stoops to a new low -- a new low even for David Futrelle, which is saying a hell of a lot. David Futrelle suggests, in his usual, smug, condescending manner, that this blog tries to help rapists beat the rap. You read that right, but don't trust me, read it and decide for yourself.

What, precisely, is David Futrelle's evidence for this detestable epiphany? Well, it seems that our site links to information about statutes of limitations for rape charges.  If you are wincing and scratching your head asking, "Is that it?" the answer is, yep, that's it.  In Futrelle's words, we link to the statutes of limitations "in case anyone reading is worried about getting caught [then he crosses off "getting caught"] being falsely accused for something they did [he crosses off "did"] didn’t do a long time ago."

Futrelle's comment was intended to hurt the readers of this blog, many of whom have been wrongly accused of heinous sex crimes. For reasons known only to David Futrelle, he thinks it is somehow appropriate to advocate for rape victims by mocking the falsely accused. I ask in all seriousness: is it possible to be any more hateful than this? Until he wrote this, I had never realized how truly despicable this man can be. All the photos of kittens in the world can't transform this man's self-satisfied visage into a decent human being.

Sigh. As rational people know, we link to the statutes of limitations because of the problems posed to innocent men by the national trend to lengthen and eliminate them. Now, you'd never know this from reading David Futrelle's hate-mongering, but that position is not some goofy, misogynistic, far right, extremist men's rights stance. It's a concern shared by a lot of defense attorneys, the ACLU, and many others. We write about it from time to time, and if you want to understand it, see, e.g., this post:

But why am I not surprised that zany, twisted, smug, extremist David Futrelle couldn't give a damn about the falsely accused?