Monday, November 7, 2011

Off topic: Herman Cain needs to explain, Joe must go at Penn State

I'm with Jon Huntsman on Herman Cain.  Gotta get lots more specific, Herman.  Get the damn records, and let it all out. You're running for president and you can't be evasive. At FRS, we, of all people, appreciate the power of false allegations, but when you're evasive, it gives the claims credence.

And Joe Paterno, you're a legend, man. An icon in Happy Valley. The most successful big-time college football coach ever. Blah, blah, blah. And yes, Joe, you did report to your "superior" (that's the funny part -- that Joe acknowledges anyone at Penn State is his "superior") what you learned about Jerry Sandusky allegedly performing a sex act on a ten-year-old boy.

So tell us, Joe, when you learned that the only thing your "superior" did about it was to ban Sandusky from bringing little boys to the Penn State football building, you didn't do anything more?  Seriously?!  That was it? 

And you say you did what you were supposed to do, Joe?

Let's get this straight. Someone who would have no motive to lie about this reported to you that he saw one of your former assistant coaches raping a little boy in your football facility. And you pat yourself on the back for reporting it to your "superior."

What a great guy you are, Joe. Kind of confirms what I've long thought about you.