Thursday, October 6, 2011

Woman admits false rape charge against Bartlett man

An attempted rape charge against a Bartlett man was dropped this morning after the 22-year-old woman who filed the accusation last week recanted her story, admitting the assault didn’t happen.

Now, 50-year-old Maher Garada is free, and his accuser, Angela Poindexter of 2105 Woodfield Park in Memphis, has a Bartlett warrant waiting for her on a charge of false reporting.

“Defendant, Angela Poindexter, did initiate a report to law enforcement knowing that the incident did not occur,” according to the warrant.

Poindexter, who police said admitted the hoax during questioning Tuesday, was being held today on traffic warrants out of Shelby County. Once she is released from the Shelby County Jail on those charges, she will come to Bartlett to face the new charge that she falsely accused Garada of attempting to assault her.

Garada, a native of Egypt, was released Tuesday night after investigators pieced together the bogus claim from Poindexter, including her falsely accusing Garada of tearing her clothes while trying to assault her.

The formal dismissal of the charge took place in Bartlett Municipal Court this morning.

Garada spent six days in jail under a $30,000 bond.

Poindexter claimed she was at Garada’s house on Sept. 28 watching a movie when the man tried to assault her. She told police she ran from the house and was brought to police headquarters by an unidentified elderly couple, who picked her up after she fled.

Insp. Steve Todd, head of the Bartlett police investigative service division, said Poindexter took extra steps to lend credence to her claims. Not only was the front of her shirt torn, and the pants zipper ripped, she also pulled out her own hair weaves to substantiate her accusation.

Poindexter even had details about the Garada house, how she had met Garada and other specifics.

Additionally, when detectives went to Garada’s home Thursday morning to investigate the accusation, he wouldn’t come to the door, the inspector said.

“All of the facts lined up correctly,” Todd said.

Upon further investigation and discussions with Garada’s family, detectives were able to figure out inconsistencies with the case, leading to further questioning of Poindexter, where she acknowledged her claims were false.