Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mom and daughter admit they lied to police

A mother and daughter who made a false sexual assault report were placed on a year's probation in Sarnia court.

Sherrie Lynn Bressette, 44, and Allison Justine Sinopole, 25, both of Kettle Point, pleaded guilty to the June 8 mischief.

The two woman told an officer a man had sexually assaulted Bressette by kissing and touching her three times including during a visit to a hospital emergency department.

Surveillance camera recordings showed no contact between the man and Bressette at the hospital or at a car wash that had also been alleged.

Witnesses confirmed there had been kissing and hugging during a party but it was consensual.

These facts were admitted by the women as essentially correct. Neither had a criminal record.

There was a real potential for all kinds of serious problems due to the women's allegations that warranted a $500 fine, said assistant Crown attorney Joe Perfetto.

The woman have no independent income, said defence lawyer Al Lockyer.

During probation each woman must do 40 hours of community service to repay the community, said Justice Ann McFadyen.

Link: http://www.theobserver.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3280327