Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A malicious mother with an axe to grind

Contentious divorces, where children are involved, tend to contain false accusations. The following is exactly that situation. The interesting part? The ex-wife has been given a jail sentence, even if it really isn't much of a punishment. And from the information supplied, she still has custody of their daughters.

Lauren Lippe, according to Judge Robert Ross, is "a vengeful roadblock, the barbed wire standing in the way of her two daughters and their desperate dad."

While this may be something more appropriate to the Fathers & Families site, she also falsely accused the father of molesting one of the girls.

Lippe is known to engage in tirades against Ted Rubin (her ex) in front of the girls calling him a “deadbeat,” “loser,” “scumbag” and “f – - – ing asshole.”, and according to Judge Ross, would deliberately plan last minute trips and events when Ted was scheduled to visit the girls. While it is contentious, this seems to be a clear cut case of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

If Rubin protested, Lippe would berate him mercilessly. Court documents say that she once blared at him, “We all hope you die from cancer,” with both daughters in her arms.

When describing the hell he had gone through, including missing out on Hanukkah with his children, Lippe was smirking in court. The worst part, according to Ross, was "the crescendo of the plaintiff's conduct" which included false accusations of sexual abuse.

In 2008, Lippe charged that Rubin had fondled the breasts of one of his daughters. She later admitted she knew nothing had occurred.\

Judge Ross wrote in his decision, handed down last week, “The evidence before me demonstrates a pattern of willful and calculated violations of the clear and express dictates of the parties’ Stipulation of Settlement.”

He was also a little upset that she had punished the children for wanting to spend time with their dad.

The sentence, while at least is an on record punishment, really amounts to a slap on the wrist. She has to spend six weekends in jail, but it will be served on the first and third weekends in June, July and August. The sentence has been stayed pending appeal.

Please pay special attention to the next part: Rubin is expected to take care of the children while Lippe is on lockdown.

Notice that he was not given custody, even with all of the garbage this sorry excuse for a mother has pulled. Someone is going to have to explain to me why she deserves anything other than supervised visitation, with him having primary and physical custody.

Kieth Rieger, Lippe's lawyer, criticized the decision. “It’s extremely unusual, and in this case, it’s inappropriate,” Rieger said. “He chose to believe the husband and not her. Of course, she’s upset, but she’s also worried about her children. She’s worried that if she goes to jail how it will affect the children.”

Do you think, Mr. Rieger, she should have given that some consideration before she made false accusations, and interfered with Mr. Ruben's visitation?

Rubin, 52, a marketing executive, declined to comment, but has sounded off about his dilemma on his Internet blog: “Spending time with my girls is something I put before all else,” Rubin wrote last year. “They are teenagers now and being a divorced dad, it can be challenging to continue to reach out, put them first, and maintain this in the face of their occasional lack of interest and the roadblocks so easily put in place by their mom.”

Link: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/an_ex_to_grind_xg3281rUxt068tCFzX1skL#ixzz0qbptzKUU