Friday, July 8, 2011

Kerry Touzin pleads guilty to inexplicable false report of Rape

Kerry Touzin pled guilty to filing a false report of rape on May 27th. Once again, we don't have any reason for why she would do so.

It started when she claimed she met a man on the website Plenty of Fish (an online dating site I assume). She stated that she arranged to meet him, and that when she got into the man's car, he drove to a dead-end road and sexually assaulted her.

The police then created an online persona, arranged  to meet the man, and when he showed up, they arrested him. However, during the course of the investigation, it was discovered that nothing illegal happened, and that other evidence showed that Touzin lied about her report. She was arrested and pled guilty in court on the 16th of June.

She has been sentenced to 1* year in jail.


*Thanks to zarko for the catch