Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming this Autumn

FRS is going to be implementing sweeping changes this coming fall in a significant push to give the community of the wrongly accused a more effective and potent voice. You will gradually notice these changes starting in the coming weeks.  The audience for this blog is large, but given the importance of our message, it needs to be much larger.
Our message remains the same as it has been since this blog was started, but sometimes that message has not been delivered with the clarity and care it both requires and deserves. That is our fault. Our core mission is grounded in notions of justice and fairness so fundamental and sound that there shouldn't be any plausible controversy about it.

The goal of holding sexual offenders accountable for their misconduct is one that is universally shared by all civilized people, but in pursuit of that goal, society too often allows presumptively innocent persons accused of rape and sexual assault to be unnecessarily harmed in significant ways. That harm becomes most apparent in cases of wrongful (including false) claims. We will single-mindedly and narrowly deal with issues related to that harm, without politically charged rhetoric, and without veering into peripheral areas that are both controversial and unnecessary to our message.  We are open to including discussion of other alleged crimes where the presumptively innocent are harmed by the proverbial rush to judgment.

Our transformation will include, among other things, a careful examination of our links section. Most sites are currently included because of individual post(s) that support our mission, but the impression we convey is that we are endorsing the totality of the site. One possibility is to link to specific posts that are consonant with our message on both the sites currently listed and others, including even sites that otherwise contain views we might disagree with.  We would merge these links with the links on our "informative sources" page, which contains citations to the Innocence Project and many other sites and articles (that page is routinely ignored by our readers). Steve and I are currently brainstorming these and many other issues.

Please be patient with us.  Thank you.