Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ladies: want a free car? Just accuse a man of rape if he doesn't give you one

POTSDAM -- Two Potsdam women are accused of threatening to falsely accuse a man of rape if he didn't give them a car.

Christine L. Laraby, 45, and Miranda L. Laraby, 17 threatened a man that they would report to police that he had physically abused and raped Miranda Laraby if he refused to sign over his vehicle to them, along with a note saying that they had paid him $500 cash for it, presumably to make it appear legal.

Police say the defendants subsequently took possession of the man's 1997 Subaru Legacy.

But they weren't finished. The police allege that the women subsequently told the victim that if he did not buy new tires for the vehicle and give them $500, they would carry through on their earlier threat.

Both women were charged with second-degree coercion and arraigned in Potsdam Village Court and released on their own recognizance with orders of protection prohibiting them from having any further contact with the victim.