Saturday, May 14, 2011

Men serving our country made to feel like rapists

We are posting, without comment, an email we received from a reader. We have received permission from the writer to post it, but I am not publishing the name of the writer:

Just wanted to let you know I got interested in your website after being force fed mandatory bystander intervention training by the Air Force.  The entire Air Force needs to have the training by June.  We were told how we are complacent in rape when we tell dirty jokes and talk about women and their physical aspects.  The training was segregated male and female.  The trainer became hostile whenever any of her facts where questioned like the number one reason women do not report rape is because no one will believe them.  We had to answer questions like "Is it OK to ever call a woman a bitch".  I wonder what kind of questions the women got in their training.  Our training basically inferred that we were all guilty of contributing to rape.  This personally offends me as a defender of liberty to be on the losing end of a privileged class, especially coming from an organization that has such an emphasis on equal opportunity.