Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Advocating for the wrongly accused: not a "men's" issue -- a "people's" issue

A special "thank you" to all of our readers who sign the Petition to Reject the SaVE Act in itts present form. As we noted last week, the fact that so many women have signed this petition only underscores what we preach, and what the subtitle of this blog heralds: advocacy for the wrongly accused is not a "men's" issue. It's a "people's" issue.

Our advocacy for the wrongly accused is equally fierce regardless of the gender of the person accused. Just as no civilized person wants to see a rapist escape punishment, no civilized person wants to see an innocent person punished for a rape he or she didn't commit. Just as every sexual assault of a woman affects the men who love her, a false rape claim lodged against a man affects the women who love him.  I can attest that most of our emails seeking help are from women concerned about a loved one who has been wrongly accused.  Most of these notes are heartbreaking.

Gender divisions, crass stereotypes of "women" or "men," and efforts to malign persons due to their birth classes, are generated by people who love to hate. The rest of us know it is nonsense.