Saturday, April 2, 2011

Latest Reason to Play the Rape Card: To Avoid a DUI Charge

Another case that illustrates how false rape claims are used excuses for pretty much anything some women want to hide.  Beth Ellen Rivera, 26, recently paroled from jail after pleading guilty to a drunk driving charge last year, fled the scene of a two-vehicle accident in Polk Township, Pennsylvania on Wednesday night, claiming that a man had raped her and that she was fleeing him. 

In fact, she fled to avoid another DUI arrest.  She was nabbed and taken to a hospital where she refused to cooperate regarding the alleged rape. Troopers talked with Rivera's front-seat passenger, a woman who said Rivera was not raped and no one was chasing her, police said.

Rivera was charged with driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident and making a false report to law enforcement officers.  See the story here:,0,2037348.story

Remember the self-described Wiccan who murdered a man and claimed it was self-defense because, she alleged, he tried to rape her. The problem with her rape claim was that she had the man's name programmed in her cell phone under the word "sacrifice."  See here: