Thursday, April 7, 2011

I don't criticize feminism, I just quote it

This is an actual comment posted under a story to this site today -- all because I have the audacity to advocate for persons who've been falsely accused of rape:

"After reading this, at first I thought to myself that I hope that one day your daughter is raped so that you may understand what actually happens to a woman after she is raped. But after thinking more carefully, I realized that I hope you never have a daughter. She would be so hurt and damaged by your ignorance and hate towards women. I urge you to ask any raped woman about her police experience. I urge you to genuinely listen to her story. I urge you to educate yourself before you blog about things of which you have absolutely no understanding."

Ah, the drive-by snipers who've pegged us a rape apologists because we dare to speak up for the falsely accused!  The fact is, dear writer, we don't malign rape victims, we are allied with rape victims. Many rape victims have advised us that they agree with our work because -- mirabile dictu! -- they loathe and detest false accusers almost as much as their own rapists.  It is only feminist activists who conflate rape victims and false accusers.

Note that this writer wished another female to be raped -- to teach me a lesson. Can anyone fathom a sentiment more vile, more grotesque, more twistedly hateful, than this?  If that is representative of feminism, then I can assert with the utmost confidence that no decent person is a feminist.