Thursday, April 21, 2011

False rape claim triggers killing of two men

Rape liar tells her cousin and another man to shoot her boyfriend in the penis "so he don't use it no more."

A tearful Priscilla Ramirez, 21, telephoned her cousin Philip Perez Gonzales Jr., 27, and asked him to come and get her. Mr. Gonzales complied, and brought his friend Michael Lee Armstrong, 23, with him. Ms. Ramirez told the two men that her boyfriend, Everett Antonio Taylor, 28, had raped and beat her, and that she wanted them to deliver a little payback. Ms. Ramirez got in their vehicle and took them to Mr. Taylor's apartment in a housing project.

"There was one big problem with Ramirez's rape story," Deputy District Attorney Eric Kindall told a Sacramento Superior Court jury last week. "It was 'a complete and total bogus lie." 

In fact, witnesses say that Ms. Ramirez was upset with Mr. Taylor because he showed interest in another woman.

Ms. Ramirez gave the two men directions as they drove into the projects where Mr. Taylor lived.  They came upon Mr. Taylor, who was on a porch, chatting away with his friend, Deshawn Dante Holloway, 35, who was getting ready to go to a wedding. 

According to Mr. Armstrong, Ms. Ramirez gave him and Mr. Gonzales very specific instructions about what she wanted them to do to Mr. Taylor: she wanted them to shoot him in the penis "so he don't use it no more."

Gonzales and Armstrong got out of their vehicle, and tangled with the boyfriend, Mr. Taylor, and his friend Mr. Holloway.

In the end, Mr. Armstrong fired five shots at Taylor and Holloway, four into their backs, killing both men.

Both deceased men were fathers. Mr. Taylor was a security guard who was just getting his life together. Mr. Holloway had recently enrolled in a technical school

Last week, Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Armstrong were on trial for second degree murder. Two separate Sacramento juries returned verdicts against them. Ms. Ramirez is scheduled for a May 9 trial.

Two men are dead; two men's lives are forever destroyed. All because of a rape lie. Just another mind-numbing tragedy all too common to readerrs of this blog. Earlier this week, in connection with a similar case, we wrote extensively about such tragedies. See here.

It is not at all unusual that this terrible story has received very little media coverage. In contrast, a woman was wrongly convicted of making a false rape claim and was fined $500, and the case became a cause célèbre. That's because that very rare, peculiar story fits the official metanarrative of the persons who dominate gender issues. It is far more typical for some hapless man to suffer tragedy -- up to and including death -- as a result of a false rape claim, but those stories are always ignored by the politicized sexual grievance industry.