Monday, April 4, 2011

3 Teen Girls File False Kidnapping Report in Mpls

MINNEAPOLIS - A trio of girls could face criminal charges for falsely reporting to Minneapolis police they had been kidnapped. The incident was dismissed as a hoax 26 hours after investigators got to work on the case.

The girls were taken by ambulance to HCMC for sexual assault exams, the supposed crime scene was scrutinized and many interviews were conducted before the truth came out.

The unnecessary bill to taxpayers, insurance companies, the girls' families and others will total thousands of dollars, said Sgt. William Palmer. Police work cost alone exceeded $1,200 as five
officers worked on the case -- including a homicide investigator pulled off his duties.

Police will refer the case to the county attorney, who will decide whether to charge the two sisters and their cousin with filing a false police report.