Saturday, March 19, 2011

FRS Sides With the Feminists: Jesse Cheng, Who Believes Men are Privileged, Must Be Ousted from UC Board of Regents Following Sexual Assault Ruling

Jesse Cheng, a UC Irvine senior and the student representative on the University of California Board of Regents, was arrested last November after his ex-girlfriend filed a sexual assault complaint with police against him. The Orange County District Attorney's Office declined to file sexual battery charges against Cheng, citing a lack of evidence.

But the UC Irvine Office of Student Conduct has ruled that Cheng engaged in "unwanted touching" of his ex-girlfriend, an offense that's classified as sexual battery.  Cheng is deciding whether to appeal the ruling. 

Feminist groups want Cheng, who gets free tuition for serving on the board, off the board now. 

Cheng insists he is innocent and refuses to resign from the board. But Cheng does not see what happened to him as part of a larger injustice.  Just read the statements he's made in his defense: "I have been a champion for gender equality issues and gender violence issues my entire college career, and I would never do anything to compromise those values,” he said. “Neither do I want to say that privileges of men don’t exist anymore or that violence against women doesn’t happen, it just didn’t happen in this case.”

And: “I recognize the privileges that I have as a man, and I recognize that gender violence and violence against women is a serious issue,” Cheng said. “But I’m innocent. I’ve been working on those issues my entire college career. I would never engage in behavior that would compromise those values.”

It is a bizarre case, but False Rape Society will not support the accused here.

Cheng said he ended the relationship with his partner last September. Thereafter, they had three more physically intimate encounters. It was after the second encounter that his former partner accused him of sexual assault, he said. 

Here's where it really gets strange. Cheng admits that before he was arrested, he wrote three emails to the woman, known only as "Laya," admitting the sexual assault.  In the e-mails, Cheng apologized and acknowledged the crime. “I’m sorry for sexually assaulting you,” he wrote in an e-mail dated Oct. 19. “I am a horrible person for what I did for [sic] you, I tried to rape you, and I thank you everyday for not letting me do that to you.”

Although Cheng admits he wrote the e-mails, he claims he did it because Laya had asked him to. "She was calling me 50 times a day for two hours on the phone a day,” Cheng said. “To be honest, my life was cracking because of these phone calls. They were extremely disruptive and I was extremely stressed out. So I lied in the e-mails to do whatever I could to move forward with my life.”  Cheng said she had explicitly stated what kind of language she wanted in the e-mails. He added, however, that the e-mails were not truthful.

FRS has no idea if Mr. Cheng engaged in "unwanted touching."  He was not charged with a crime, much less convicted of one. And let us state the obvious, politically incorrect though it may be: the fact that Cheng and his ex-girlfriend engaged in a consensual tryst subsequent to the one where the alleged assault occurred, and that she only later reported the alleged assault, casts doubt on it. At the very least, even if "unwanted touching" occurred, the facts suggest that Cheng's ex-girlfriend didn't think it was an especially serious matter.

But the Office of Student Conduct has ruled that Cheng engaged in "unwanted touching." Even if he didn't, one must seriously wonder if Cheng is either too stupid, or too unstable, to serve as the student regent in light of the admissions he wrote in emails.

Some who are concerned about injustices to falsely accused men will construe Cheng's current predicament as a form of karma. After all, when you join with the gender-divisive purveyors of lock-the-doors-hide-the-daughters Chicken Little rape hysteria, you risk having the monster you helped create turn on you.  It is ironic that Cheng himself helped manufacture the very culture that led feminists to stage yet another gender passion play this week, this time, when they protested against him.  It is doubly ironic that no matter what happens to Jesse Cheng, he will not acknowledge that the system is broken, and that it allows innocent men to be found responsible of terrible wrongdoing in college kangaroo proceedings that make us long for the good old days of Star Chamber.  Jesse Cheng will not help us to change the system; he is only out to save Jesse Cheng.

Jesse Cheng is the author of his own discontent. False Rape Society calls on the Board of Regents to oust him from the board immediately.