Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Four False Rape Cases

In order to keep our backlog from building up, here are four false rape claims:

Manatee deputies: Woman lied about kidnapping and attempted rape

MANATEE COUNTY - A 21-year-old woman reportedly lied to sheriff's deputies this past weekend about being kidnapped because she was mad at her boyfriend for talking to another girl.

Jacquelin Schedebeck is charged with filing a false report of a commission of a crime.

According to an arrest report: Schedebeck approached a detective at a traffic stop in the 1000 block of Bradenton's 30th Avenue West late Saturday night. She reportedly claimed that a passenger in a vehicle pulled her into the back seat and attempted to rape her but that she escaped.

Two deputies and a sergeant responded and transmitted Schedebeck's description of a car and suspects.

Schedebeck reportedly changed her story upon further questioning and admitted no crime occurred.


Girl Admits Rape Claim Was Made Up

A 15-year-old girl who told police she had been raped this past weekend, admitted earlier today that she had fabricated the entire story.

Officers responded to the home on Trenton Street after receiving a call that the girl had been raped by an intruder who was attempting to burglarize the home.

LaTresha Woodruff, public information officer for the Conway Police Department, confirmed that when investigators started looking into the incident, the evidence did not support the statement made by the girl. “When we receive a call that someone has been raped, we take that very seriously and investigate the incident accordingly,” she said. “However, when investigators looked into this incident, the evidence found did not support the girl’s story.”

Filing a false police report is punishable by law and the girl may face charges in the incident as Woodruff confirmed that the matter will be forwarded to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

“It is unfortunate that she felt like she had to make these stories up,” Woodruff said. “This incident used a lot of manpower and concerned the public. The University of Central Arkansas issued bulletins on their alert system and it caused a lot of concern in the community. She may have to be held responsible for that.”


Sheriff: Boy’s report of sexual assault on I-35 near Ottawa a hoax

Franklin County Sheriff’s officers Thursday morning said an alleged sexual assault reported on Interstate 35 was a hoax.

Officers said they re-interviewed a 14-year-old Kansas City, Mo., boy who made the initial allegation that he was assaulted by a stranger who picked him up as he was walking to a gasoline station east of Ottawa. The boy had initially told authorities that his family had car trouble and that he was walking to a nearby service station for help.

“The alleged victim confessed to making up the report. It is unknown at this time why the boy made up the story,” Undersheriff Steve Lunger said in a statement.

Officers Tuesday even released a description the suspect the boy had given them and asked anyone with information in the case to call investigators. Lunger’s statement to the media Thursday morning about the hoax did not say if the boy would face any criminal charges for making the false report.


Girl’s father accuses her in-laws of rape

LIAQATPUR: A man filed a rape case against seven people after his daughter married of her own free will.

Ghareeb Shah resident Jam Bahudi called a press conference in Liaqatpur on Saturday and said that he had been abducted and false rape charges had been filed against him and his family by Muhammad Iqbal.

Bahudi said that his son Muhammad Irfan has wed Iqbal’s daughter Azra Bibi in the magistrate court on January 16. Bahudi said that Iqbal has threatened his entire family with dire consequences and had him abducted. “I was taken from my house four days after the marriage and beaten up in a room for days before they released me,” Bahudi told the press. Bahudi said that the police were siding with Iqbal’s family and that they had bribed him and his family for money and threatened his life.

“They filed rape charges against my father, my brothers, my sister and her husband,” Muhammad Azam said, adding that Iqbal’s family had vehemently opposed the marriage. “My younger brother wanted to marry Azra for over a year but we discouraged him because we knew her family would not support the marriage,” Azam said.

“They both got married without our knowledge in court and now we will support him. He is my brother and we decided to stand by him,” he said.

Bahudi threatened to commit suicide if justice was not served. “The police is demanding bribes from my family and threatening us to return Azra,” he said, adding “I will not do this because the girl is legally married to my son and her father will most likely kill her.”

Azra Bibi’s father Muhammad Iqbal registered a rape case in Pakadlan police station against Bahudi, his daughter Nasreen Bibi, sons Muhammad Iqbal Guddu, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Azam, Muhammad Imran, son-in-law Mujahid Hussain and his servant Muhammad Abid last week.

Pakadlan Police Station Inspector Rasool Bukhsh and other officials entered Bahudi’s house on Saturday and took the family to the police station. “They beat us and questioned us for hours but we have done nothing wrong,” said Nasreen Bibi, who said that her family was asked to arrange Rs25,000 for the police to withdraw the case. “They eventually declared that I was innocent after my father paid them Rs15,000,” she said, adding “my father is a 90-year-old man and he can barely walk. Iqbal has charged him with abduction and rape, the charges are ludicrous”.

Irfan said that he had married Azra in front of a magistrate according to their will. “I hate that my family is being tortured in this manner because we wanted to get married,” he said, adding “We merely exercised our right to marry of our choice but my wife’s family is making our lives miserable.”

Pakadlan police station inspector Rasool Bukhsh said “The family claims that the girl is legally married but we are investigating. The girl’s family did not approve the match and she cannot marry without her father’s approval.”

The Bahudi family said that the police were harassing them and demanding more money to drop the case. Irfan and his father have appealed to the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to intervene.

Pakadlan police station inspector Rasool Bukhsh said that the case was being pursued in accordance with the law and all bribery allegations were baseless.