Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fabricated sex assault claims unrelated, police say

The Barrhaven incident related in this article references the story posted HERE.

Hawkesbury girl to appear in court, but teen not charged in Barrhaven case

A teenager in Hawkesbury fabricated a story of abduction and sexual assault on the same day a Barrhaven teen came forward with a similar, but unrelated, false claim, police said.

Hawkesbury OPP spokesman Pierre Dubois said a 15-year-old girl, who cannot be identified because of her age, told police she was walking on a street in Hawkesbury on the evening of Jan. 18 when she was pulled into a van and sexually assaulted. Just hours earlier, a 16-year-old girl told police she was abducted and sexually assaulted at gunpoint in broad daylight in Barrhaven, a claim police later said they believe was unfounded.

One or two days later, police interviewers discovered inconsistencies in the Hawkesbury teen's story, Dubois said. He said she confessed to making the whole thing up.

Upon further questioning, the girl also confessed she was lying when she told police she was assaulted, harassed and sexually assaulted over the course of two weeks in October by a boy who goes to her high school, Dubois said. The boy was charged with multiple counts of assault, uttering threats, criminal harassment and sexual assault.

All charges against the Hawkesbury boy, who also cannot be identified, were dropped, Dubois said. The Hawkesbury girl has been charged with public mischief, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

To the best of his knowledge, Dubois said, the two girls who said they were sexually assaulted on Jan. 18 don't know each other and the incidents are unrelated. He said it was a strange coincidence.

"It's funny that it's the same type of story and the same date. That's kind of weird."

Dubois said the Hawkesbury girl was charged because of the impact her story had on the boy she accused of assault. He was held in custody for a short period of time before being released on bail to await trial.

Both of her accusations were a big drain on police resources, Dubois said. "It costs a lot of resources every time there's such an incident. It's quite expensive."

Ottawa police said they will not charge the Barrhaven teen with mischief. The Hawkesbury girl is to appear in l'Orignal court on March 2.