Thursday, March 31, 2011

Davis assault false

The Westerville Division of Police has determined that the alleged sexual assault in Davis Hall last week was, "unfounded," or false.

Charges are being filed through the Franklin County Municipal Court on both Tenneh Senessie, 19, and Darrell Jones, 40, according to the latest press release by WPD.

Senessie of Westerville is being charged with three different offenses.

According to WPD, Senessie will be charged with making a false statement to authorities with the intent to incriminate another person, prostitution and procuring, which Sgt. Paul Scowden of the WPD said is "using an area for the act of prostitution."
Jones, of Urbana, Ohio, will be charged with solicitation of sexual activity for hire.
Detective Stacey Pentecost of the WPD said that she will not discuss details of this case until a full report has been filed.
"I don't know exactly the reason she gave for filing the report," said Lt. John Petrozzi of WPD. "They met on the Internet, and there was communication, and they made an arrangement to meet in Westerville."

According to the Ohio Revised Code, a person found guilty of falsification could face a misdemeanor of the first degree, a person found guilty of prostitution could face a misdemeanor of the third degree and a person found guilty of procuring could face a misdemeanor of the first degree.

Solicitation of a prostitute could result in a misdemeanor of the third degree.

As to whether or not Otterbein will pursue separate charges against Senessie, Vice President of Student Affairs Robert Gatti said that he cannot disclose that information because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

"It prevents me from posting your disciplinary records on the walls of Towers Hall," Gatti said of FERPA.

According to Gatti, Otterbein will do an internal investigation to see if Senessie violated Otterbein's code of conduct.

"It's important that we get all the facts before we make an informed decision," said Gatti. "This is an unfortunate situation, and we will continue to be in communication with the student and her family."

Gatti said that the e-mail sent from Otterbein Security, which said the accusations of the sexual assault were false before the official WPD press release concluded this, was "just a miscommunication."

"As of right now, I have no comments to make," Senessie said.

Jones could not be reached for comment.
The arraignment for both Senessie and Jones is scheduled for April 5 at the Franklin County Municipal Court.