Tuesday, March 15, 2011

College Woman Lies About Rape, and it "Pained" Prosecutor to Charge Her Because She's Only 19

Yet another alleged college rape turns out to be a lie. This time at Goshen College, a small Mennonite college in Goshen, Indiana.  This case contains many of the elements of false rape claims that we see repeated over and over.

On January 18, 2011, a news reporter at TV station Fox 28 came on the air and did what television news reporters generally do with unsubstantiated reports of rapes by college women that haven't been investigated yet: she made it sound as if a rape had occurred, and she became little more than a parrot for the police.  Fox 28's report about the alleged rape started with these words: "The Police say a Goshen college student was sexually assaulted overnight." See the video here.

The alleged victim told police she had been sexually assaulted by a white man while she was heading to her car on campus. The man supposedly forced her to drive him to a second location where the sexual assault took place. See http://www.fox28.com/Global/story.asp?S=14248497.

In fact, it wasn't true. None of it. And we could have predicted that it wasn't true because stranger rape on college campuses is virtually unheard of.

We now know the woman's name is Jessica DeLa Vega. She is 19-years-old (the prime age for rape prevaricators). It turns out that DeLa Vega was actually at a party in a neighboring county at the time the rape supposedly occurred, according to Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis T. Hill Jr.

The accusation led to increased police and security on Goshen College campus, and a rise in fear in the students. Could this rape hysteria have been caused by the news media rushing to judgment and reporting a teenager's unsubstantiated allegation as a fact before the police had even investigated it? 

Police expended approximately 200 man hours investigating the alleged rape.  Prosecutor Hill said obstruction of justice charges would be filed against DeLa Vega. But he went out of his way to note that it pained him to file charges against a 19 year old.

Query: has prosecutor Hill ever uttered those words about a 19-year-old suspected male rapist?  Or, for that matter, a 19-year-old male accused of any crime?  My guess is "no."

Prosecutor Hill also said this news is a "relief."

Read that again, and let it sink in.  It is a "relief" that a young college woman told a lie that might have sent a man away to prison for decades? 

To his credit, at least Hill is charging her. Such is the era we find ourselves stranded in that we are grateful when a prosecutor actually does his job and charges a woman for lying about rape.

Prosecutor Hill said DeLa Vega needs to be charged because he wants to send a message. “For almost two months now, this community has been under siege with apprehension over the allegation of the abduction and rape of a young college co-ed with the associated anxiety and fear that this suspect was still at large and possibly searching for a new victim,” said Hill. “Upon our review of the Goshen Police Department’s determination that the report was false, our first responsibility is to inform the public to alleviate any immediate concerns that we have a predator lurking in our community related to this incident.”

DeLa Vega faces 18 months in jail.  Goshen College's director of public affairs said that DeLa Vega is no longer an enrolled student.

One news outlet, MNDU, reported on the latest development by noting that "officers now say the victim fabricated the story."  Newsflash: she's not "the victim" if she fabricated her victimization.

(If you want to read about a similar rush to judgment concerning a college rape lie on a much grander scale, read about the Hofstra false rape claim. But trigger warning: it will get your blood boiling.)

In sum, this little story contains many of the elements we report on in this blog on a daily basis:  An unsubstantiated rape claim is given instant credibility and is permitted to cause hysteria even though it hasn't even been investigated yet; a young woman apparently lied to cover up the truth about what she was doing; a prosecutor is reluctant to charge a criminal for committing a crime, even though he would have no such reluctance if the accused were a same-age male accused of sexual assault; and news outlets refer to the rape liar as the "victim."

Just another day in our false rape society.