Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boys in bras, boys in heels, boys in pink -- all to raise money for women's causes: Is this the 'rape culture' we hear so much about?

Last week it was boys wearing heels to raise awareness about sexual assault. 

This week it's boys wearing bras. University of Pittsburgh frat brothers modeled soon-to-be recycled bras as part of a fashion show to raise money for the B.R.A. foundation and breast cancer research.

We also see baseball playing boys wearing pink to support breast cancer research.

Boys are entering talent contests to raise huge money for breast cancer research.

You see a lot of things like this in the news, and my question is very simple: which is more representative of young masculinity: the silly, yes, buffoonish, young guys referenced here, or the young rapist?

The question scarcely survives its statement. If you asked this question of 100 people on the street, 99 would get it right. 

The only folks who think rape is "normalized" among our young men are the nitwits who read and write hateful militant feminist blogs. Everyone else knows that's just bullshit.  Men do not approve of rape. Men typically elicit a visceral outrage to even far-fetched claims of rape that often exceeds women's outrage (you don't see women beating accused rapists who turn out to be innocent with baseball bats). To suggest that efforts to reduce rape by urging women to be careful somehow foment rape is downright pathological. Every normal person agrees with all of this.

But, see, I'm a monster for stating the obvious.