Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Woman seduces teen boys, gets probation, and her attorney pooh-poohs what happened as a 'rite of passage'

The following news story is fresh off the press this afternoon. It is yet further proof that when it comes to sex crimes, women are from Venus, a kind and forgiving place that resembles a posh day spa, and men are from Mars, which is akin to the Tadmor Prison in Syria, where the bloodthirsty guards butcher inmates with axes.

As you read the story, reverse the genders and try not to laugh, or get sick, as you try to imagine anything remotely similar happening if a man were in the woman's place.  Read it to the end, because the best is saved for last.

A 43-year-old woman named Cassandra Sproch pleaded guilty this afternoon to trying to seduce her son's teenage friends and plying them with wine.  The state claimed that Ms. Sproch hosted her son and three of his friends for dinner last November 15. Ms. Sproch did what any self-respecting mother would do: she dressed seductively, gave all the boys wine, and flirted with them, according to Deputy District Attorney Laura Ditka. 

According to one news account: "When the teens went into another room to play video games, she called the 15-year-old boy upstairs, police said, touched him and offered to have sex with him." The boy refused, so after continued requests, she got the 16-year-old to go upstairs with her. Here's how one news account described what happened:: "Ms. Sproch was accused of taking a 16-year-old boy into her bedroom. When the other teens went searching for their friend, they found him in her room. She had him pinned against a wall and was kissing him.  Ms. Ditka said Ms. Sproch also touched the boy's groin. Her son and another 15-year-old boy pulled their friend from the room, and they left Ms. Sproch's house."

Did you get that? She pinned a boy up against the wall, kissed him, and touched his groin.

What do you think her sentence was?  Yep. 18 months probation, on 14 total counts, including endangering the welfare of children, corruption of minors, indecent assault, false imprisonment and furnishing alcohol to minors.

What do you suppose an adult male would have gotten if he had pleaded guilty to doing these exact things to four teenage girls? 

And what do you suppose would happen to him behind bars during his lengthy prison sentence?

But wait. It gets better: "[Ms. Sproch's] defense attorney, Patrick Thomassey, blamed what happened on the woman being lonely and drunk."

Again, reverse the genders: do you think the newspaper would have even printed that awful excuse? 

But Mr. Thomassey isn't finished: "She does not have a specific recollection of the evening, as she drank two bottles of wine," he said.

And this is supposed to help her?

Just wait -- remember I told you to read it to the end because the best was saved for last.  Here it is: "Mr. Thomassey went on to say that what happened with the boys is like a 'rite of passage.'" 

Read it again. I'm not making that up.

He continued: "'I'd have kept my mouth shut, and said, 'wow' to my buddies,' he told Allegheny County Judge David R. Cashman. 'No one got hurt. There has been no inference this has affected them in a negative way.'"

Another news account quotes learned defense counsel: “Had I been one of those guys it would never have gone this far because I would have kept my mouth shut and said, ‘Wow’ to my buddies. . . . . There’s a big difference between boys and girls. To boys what happened is a rite of passage. It doesn’t have the effect on young men as it has on young women. Guys deal with stuff.”

Great advice, Mr. Thomassey!  Let me see if I can summarize: if you are a teen male, and are the victim of a sex crime at the hands of a woman, keep your mouth shut, and be thankful for the erection.

The district attorney, Ms. Ditka, refuted Mr. Thomassey's enlightened comments: "When it's a woman offender on a boy, it's an atta boy. When it's a man offender on a girl, it's the horror of all horrors. I don't see a difference. These are impressionable children."

Good for you, Ms. Ditka.  Now if only the courts, not to mention learned defense counsel, would only understand what you just said.

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